What is your Energy Storage Battery Size?

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Energy storage batteries come in a variety of different sizes and weights and each have different characteristics. Here is a comparison of some of the most common batteries currently available in Australia with comparisons of size for a similar sized 20kWh system. You can see from this image that size is not necessarily a good indication of the power that is available to be used in a battery installation. Some batteries have much better energy density than others with the FIAMM SoNick battery having the best energy density of all, although some of the newer lithium ion batteries also have a very good energy density..

If you have a lot of suitable space to store your battery this may not be relevant but if you are limited in space you may want to consider one of the more energy dense batteries. If there is a possibility of moving house you may want to take into account the battery size as well as its weight if you want to move it with you.

Another thing to consider in deciding where to place your battery installation is the safety of the battery. For many batteries, particularly lead acid or lithium ion it is not safe to have the batteries inside the house and they have to be stored in a well ventilated area and one that isn’t subject to wide temperature variations.

As the FIAMM SoNick battery doesn’t give off gases and can’t catch fire or explode it is safe to put the battery anywhere that you have the space making it a much more suitable battery for many applications.

Another thing to consider is how much power you can actually draw from the battery at any point in time. Our SoNick battery can draw 150 amps for 4 hours continuously but some other batteries are very limited in the amount of power that can be used, maybe only with enough to boil a kettle and little more.

It is critical that you do your homework and understand how you want to use your energy storage battery and understand the capabilities of different battery technologies.



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