SoNick battery powers Sustainable Living Festival “Off the Grid” tent


GridEdge was recently asked to power Melbourne’s 3 day Sustainable Living Festival’s “Off the Grid” tent with our clean energy trailer with its Sodium nickel chloride (SoNick) battery .

This annual festival, is held at Melbourne’s Federation Square and runs along the Yarra river with many stalls showcasing renewable energy, sustainable living practices and gardening and permaculture information.

There are several tents that run educational talks throughout the festival.

The tent that we were powering with our clean energy trailer was the “off the grid” tent that like the name suggests held talks on renewable energy, battery storage, and a whole range of issues of sustainability including solar & batteries, the climate crisis in court, women earth builders, ocean plastic pollution, battery storage, tiny houses, and community owned power.

We weren’t sure exactly how much power was going to be drawn and as we didn’t want to have the power disappear in the middle of the event we actually took another SoNick battery with us.  The 2 SoNick batteries were connected in parallel using an Anderson plug and even although 1 battery started at 100% of a 7.7 kWh capacity with the other 49% of a 5.7 kWh capacity the batteries connected with no issues whatsoever. I don’t believe there are any other battery technologies that can do this with any degree of safety.

Over the 3 days the tent used power to run the PA system including several microphones, computers and a large LCS screen and a portable fan. We closely monitored the batteries but there were no issues even although 30 – 40 amps were being drawn most of the time which then went up to 50 amps when the fan was turned on..

We were very pleased to find throughout the whole event there were absolutely no power supply issues at all with the SoNick battery. In fact most people were unaware the tent was being powered solely by renewables and not by the grid or noisy diesel generators.

The GridEdge portable plug and play smart energy trailer storage solution replaces the need for diesel generators at markets and festivals. This means you can supply power to your event without any diesel fumes or noise normally associated with generator use.

The trailer uses the Sodium Nickel Chloride battery technology and has all the components necessary to make it a completely portable power source. It also has solar panels incorporated to keep the batteries power topped up during the day.

The trailer can be completely recharged off site at a time when power is not needed to be generated.

For more information on the safe, reliable, portable power trailer solution contact us at


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