Off grid office – Commercial Case Study using SoNick batteries

Portable commercial office running in off grid situation.

Situated at a crushing plant used to crush concrete blocks for road fill. The portable office is placed near the weighbridge which didn’t have a grid connection to that particular part of site. Connecting to the grid was going to be very expensive and the portable off-grid hut was a perfect solution.

Battery usually discharges to around 50 – 60% capacity each day and is generally fully charged by 12 to 2pm each day.

Installation was easy as batteries could be installed anywhere in the office. As the SoNick battery doesn’t have any gasses given off no special enclosures were needed, unlike lead acid batteries which are what would have been used in this situation previously and would have needed a special room to contain gassing.

As SoNick battery has no temperature operating requirements there was no need to install air conditioners as would have been needed with lithium-ion batteries, (not all lithium-ion batteries are suitable for off grid installations)

One problem that did develop with the system (which had nothing to do with the batteries) was that when the sun went below the tree level in winter the solar was no longer enough to charge the batteries. The trees were trimmed and this has not been a problem since.

Due to the Victron Cerbo GX installed with the system the battery is able to be monitored off-site, although to date the site hasn’t needed to be revisited to correct any battery problems.

Application – Off grid office power supply
System Objective – Provide power supply during day-to-day usage.
Commissioned – March, 2021
Installed PV – 5 kW
Inverter – Victron Multiplus-II 5kVA
Monitoring – Cerbo CGGX
Battery storage – 9.6 kWh SoNick battery
Designed and installed by – Mick O’Leary, Adelaide Solar Services 

If you would like to know more about getting safe, reliable, recyclable, SoNick (molten salt) battery storage used in this office for your own home, business or micro-grid application visit us at

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