Off grid energy usage


There are many reasons why people live off the main electricity grid supply. They may live in remote areas where it is not economically feasible to connect to the electricity grid. Usually these communities have relied on diesel generators.

It may be a lifestyle choice where people want to be self-sufficient and take control of their own energy usage.

People that live at the end of electricity supply lines or Swer lines may have a lot of power outages and find it is actually more stable and economical to be off-grid or part of a local mini grid.

Living off grid means adapting and being more aware of your energy usage as you may no longer have an unlimited energy supply depending on the size of your renewable energy system.

When you are reliant on your own electricity supply you need to make sure you have a battery that will perform, (not all batteries are suitable for off grid situations). Your battery must be large enough to handle several days of energy usage and must be powerful enough to handle any equipment that you need to run.

Our SoNick battery is  a perfect battery for off grid use and most lead acid batteries are also suitable, however a number of lithium ion batteries are not designed for off grid use.

In nearly all cases if you are off grid you will need a diesel generator or other backup source of power to be used in an emergency.

Many communities are now looking at micro-grids as one solution to these problem. This involves either a central local space that has both solar PV and batteries or it may mean solar PV and batteries on individual houses where power is shared by means of a virtual grid.

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