Climate of the Nation 2017 Australian attitudes on climate change


  1. Climate Change: The majority of Australians agree that climate change is occurring (71 %) and accept the scientific consensus that human activity is the main cause (57 %).2. Action: The majority of Australians want Australia to address climate change because they see strong economic, environmental and social benefits and opportunities in the shift to a clean economy (73 %).

    3. Energy: The vast majority of Australians want Australia’s future energy mix to be dominated by renewable energy (96 %), preferably supported by storage technologies (58 %). They see this as an economically smart outcome for our country. A majority of Australians want traditional coal generation out of the mix within the next 20 years (60 %) they want an orderly, managed transition to clean energy underway now (72 %).

    4. International Leadership: The majority of Australians want our country to be an international leader on climate change action (63 %), particularly renewable energy development, innovation and implementation an overwhelming majority would not want Australia to copy the USA’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement (87 %). Most want us to work harder with other countries to achieve the Agreement’s objectives of limiting global warming to 1.5-2°C (61 %).

    5. Policy: The majority of Australians want bipartisan, constructive climate change and energy policy implemented to make these goals a reality 64 % want Australia to set targets and implement domestic action to achieve net zero emissions.

    6. Federal Government: The majority of Australians do not consider the federal government to be doing a good job of informing the public about climate change, managing its impacts and driving the transition to clean energy (89 %)


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