Battery Storage Possibilities


Many households and businesses already attach battery storage to their clean energy systems. Now is the time to grow the industry, encourage the take-up of storage and help make Australia a renewable energy leader. With public interest high, now is the time for a targeted, five-year support package to drive down costs and put battery storage in reach of every household and business.

Battery storage will allow consumers to lower costs and use more of their own renewable energy. Battery storage has many other benefits including the enabling off-grid communities and facilities, utility scale storage to assist in grid management and the use of electric vehicles as storage.
Battery storage can reduce network peaks and troughs by storing electricity during off-peak times and discharging it during the peak.

Household imports from the grid may increase during the night and reduce during the peak when battery storage is used.

Batteries also reduces the amount of electricity that is exported to the grid from rooftop solar during the middle of the day. This has the capacity to significantly reduce variability and stabilise grid supply.

This reduction in variability may drive down electricity prices because ramp rates will be better regulated.

Batteries also have the capacity to assist network ancillary services and act as a source of back-up power for the grid.

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