Australia’s energy revolution is being driven by Grassroots demand



“The rapid uptake of batteries is going to drive a very Australian energy revolution,” and “It is being driven by grassroots consumer demand rather than any consistent national policy.

“It is gathering momentum because of

  • the vast size of our electricity network and relatively low population density which leaves many people without a reliable power supply,
  • protection from power outages that are becoming ever more common, often as a result of ever more violent climate events,
  • environmental concerns and a recognition that we need to move to renewable power generation, whether governments are going to take responsibility for the problem or not,
  • consumer self-interest and a desire for energy independence and protection from ever increasing electricity bills,
  • the end or coming end of feed-in tariffs leaving consumers paying a far higher rate, if any,  for electricity purchased than they are paid for their electricity generation
  • and perversely, a conservative electricity industry that is generally resisting the transition to the smart grid future that storage technologies enable.


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