CSIRO says Australia can get to 100 per cent renewable energy

The Australian government’s chief scientific body says there is no apparent technical impediment to reaching 100 per cent renewables for the national electricity grid, and levels of up to 30 per cent renewable energy should be considered as just “trivial” in current energy systems.

Renewables could benefit from more energy storage capacity in the electricity network. reupa/flickr, CC BY-NC

The CSIRO estimate was made in the Senate select committee into the “Resilience of electricity infrastructure in a warming world,” which is providing some fascinating insight that we will be reporting on (because mainstream media won’t). Continue reading “CSIRO says Australia can get to 100 per cent renewable energy”

Why use a SoNick or heated salt Battery?

Safety – No fire or explosion risk  FIAMM SoNick battery

There is no possibility of thermal runaway because of the SoNick battery characteristics and its chemistry is basically a non-flammable common salt.  Lithium ion batteries can catch fire if they get too hot. They must be kept air conditioned at all times (which adds to running costs). You can’t put water on a lithium ion fire or the battery will explode. Fire brigade currently have no means to extinguish a lithium ion battery fire.

No gas emissions

Lead acid batteries, in particular give off hydrogen and must be kept in a fireproof enclosure that will prevent any sparks from igniting the batteries. This also applies to lithium ion to a lesser extent. Redflow has the risk of a chemical spill (toxic bromine) although this is low. Continue reading “Why use a SoNick or heated salt Battery?”

Kinglake Grand Designs – Domestic Case Study using SoNick batteries

Kinglake Grand Designs

Domestic Case Study using SoNick batteries

Application – Off-grid
Location – Kinglake, Victoria
System Objective  – The client had lost his previous home on Black Saturday so the solar and storage system must survive and operate at extreme temperatures. It also fits with the ethos of a home with sustainability as its cornerstone.
Commissioned  – May, 2015
Installed PV  – 5 kW
Useable battery storage  – 15.36 kWh
Designed and installed by –  Ian Conibeer, Energy Connections

Kinglake Grand Designs house


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Lithium-ion battery storage may be banned inside Australian homes

Lithium-ion battery storage devices – including Tesla Powerwalls and other products – may be effectively banned from being installed inside homes and garages in Australia under new guidelines being drafted by Standards Australia.tesla powerwall 2

The move, if upheld, is likely to send shockwaves through the industry, with thousands of Australian households, including prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, already installing lithium ion battery storage devices and millions more predicted to do so in coming years.

Standards Australia, a voluntary body that draws on expertise from the industries involved and key stakeholders, is expected to release the draft guidelines in the next week or so. But news of its proposals has already leaked, causing concern that the decision could bring the industry to a halt. Continue reading “Lithium-ion battery storage may be banned inside Australian homes”