Unforseen consequences of Cheap batteies



Are you aware of all of the safety requirements of your solar battery installation and the consequences of not making sure they are followed?

Lead acid and lithium ion batteries, in particular have the potential of serious problems if things go wrong. Any battery where you have to keep the surrounding area ventilated to maintain a stable battery temperature or allow for gassing runs the possible risk of explosion. Continue reading “Unforseen consequences of Cheap batteies”

Australia’s energy revolution is being driven by Grassroots demand



“The rapid uptake of batteries is going to drive a very Australian energy revolution,” and “It is being driven by grassroots consumer demand rather than any consistent national policy.

“It is gathering momentum because of

Batteries balance energy loads



One of the biggest problems with the efforts to use renewable energy to produce large amounts of the energy consumed on a daily basis has been its inability to reliably supply power at the times it is most needed. This can and will be addressed with the installation of battery systems that allow households and businesses to store renewable energy for use in peak periods.

This is definitely a market that is set to thrive in 2016 and following years, however not all batteries are the same.  Most battery suppliers won’t tell you the downside of their batteries and will only tell you the things that are most likely to sell their batteries, so you need to ask questions and compare batteries. Continue reading “Batteries balance energy loads”

Portable energy trailer


Grid Edge has developed its own plug and play smart energy trailer storage solution to replace the need for diesel generators at events and festivals. This means you can supply power to your event without any diesel fumes or noise normally associated with generator use.

The trailer uses the Sodium Nickel Chloride battery technology and has all the components necessary to make it a completely portable power source. It also has solar panels incorporated to keep the batteries power topped up during the day.

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A battery’s lifetime depends on how it is used



Energy storage batteries have a reputation for being difficult to look after and keep running optimally and this was definitely true of the traditional lead acid technology, however things have changed in the field of energy storage batteries. Although some battery technologies still have a number of risk factors that can effect their longevity not all batteries have the same operating restrictions.


However, there are a number of things that can still affect a batteries life which is one reason most battery manufacturers are reluctant to give long warranties. If you know what these risk factors are and you keep your energy storage battery working within them then a battery will usually last a lot longer than it’s warranted period.

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