Who is GridEdge?

GridEdge battery storage

GridEdge is a boutique renewable energy supplier that uses the FIAMM SoNick battery.

GridEdge delivers both off grid and on  grid energy supply to all levels of consumer demand. We have the FIAMM SoNick battery and the GridEdge Quantum unit for residential and small business needs that can operate as a hybrid solution or a completely off grid installation. GridEdge also has container solutions, in various sizes,  which can replace the need for expensive and noisy diesel generators or can provide power for a micro-grid or remote installation.

GridEdge is the Australian distributor for the FIAMM SoNick battery. FIAMM are the market leader for the Sodium Nickel Chloride technology (SoNick) and offers batteries and storage solutions, that are scalable for all sizes, ranging from residential FIAMM SoNick batteryor industrial through to national utility applications.

The SoNick technology is not a new untried technology and has been in use in many countries of the world for over 10 years and is just now becoming available in Australia. Continue reading “Who is GridEdge?”

GridEdge News – what is it about

GridEdge News
This blog will be about renewable energy  and in particular energy storage.

Increasingly, in 2016, and beyond battery storage to add on to your solar panels will be an increasingly popular topic and is a very popular topic in the media. To a large extent this is due to Tesla and Elon Musk’s efforts to make Tesla’s Powerwall a household name in Australia. This has certainly raised the profile of battery storage and all it’s advantages for Australian households and businesses but many consumers are aware having the best advertising doesn’t necessarily mean you are producing the best product.

At the same time it is often difficult for people that are not involved in the renewable energy industry to be able to compare the different technologies that are available an make informed decisions on what is the best energy storage solution for them. For people that are involved it is hard enough with the changes that are happening every day.
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