Off grid energy usage


There are many reasons why people live off the main electricity grid supply. They may live in remote areas where it is not economically feasible to connect to the electricity grid. Usually these communities have relied on diesel generators.

It may be a lifestyle choice where people want to be self-sufficient and take control of their own energy usage.

People that live at the end of electricity supply lines or Swer lines may have a lot of power outages and find it is actually more stable and economical to be off-grid or part of a local mini grid. Continue reading “Off grid energy usage”

Why do people look at battery storage?

With battery storage set to grow in the next few years there are many people that are interested in looking at this technology but there are also a wide variety of reasons that people are doing so.

Up until now most people that have used batteries to store their energy have been those that have been in situations where it was not possible, either for economical or proximity reasons to connect to the electricity grid. However, there are now many more reasons that people are considering battery storage and many more questions people are asking about the batteries they are looking at.

Over the last 5 – 10 years there has been a big push to install rooftop solar panels to capture electricity to use on the building the panels are installed on. This was encouraged by governments as they introduced feed-in tariffs to encourage people to install solar. This was so successful, as the general public took up these offers that governments soon decreased the feed-in tariffs and now they are extremely low or non-existent, depending on your state. Continue reading “Why do people look at battery storage?”

Kinglake Grand Designs – Commercial Case Study using SoNick batteries

Kinglake Grand Designs

Commercial Case Study using SoNick batteries


Application – Off-grid
Location – Kinglake, Victoria
System Objective  – The client had lost his previous home on Black Saturday so the solar and storage system must survive and operate at extreme temperatures. It also fits with the ethos of a home with sustainability as its cornerstone.
Commissioned  – May, 2015
Installed PV  – 5 kW
Useable battery storage  – 15.36 kWh
Designed and installed by –  Ian Conibeer, Energy Connections


Kinglake Grand Designs house


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John with our Quantum poster


Grid Edge has developed its own plug and play smart energy storage solution, that uses the
rechargeable Sodium Nickel battery technology.

This “Quantum” unit has an inverter incorporated into it as well as all the wiring and BMS system to allow you to monitor your battery from anywhere. It is designed to be easily installed without the need for long installation times needed by expert renewable energy qualified installers which reduces the installed cost. Continue reading “John with our Quantum poster”

Off Grid living in the city

For many people who are interested in becoming more energy independent in whatever format, up to becoming
Glen Morris - Off the Grid in the citycompletely independent of the grid there is a steep learning curve to understand the different technologies and their capabilities.
The quality and performance of some products are definitely better than others and it is definitely not the products that come from companies with large advertising budgets that necessarily have the best products.
Have a look at this article that shares the experience of some people that have decided to move off the grid,

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