SoNick battery BMS or Battery Management System

Some Energy storage batteries have a built-in BMS or Battery Management or Monitoring System to monitor how a battery operates and how it talks to the grid. This is an electronic system that manages a batteries function by protecting the battery from operating outside its “Safe Operating Area” both for the batteries health and to prevent any accidents that the battery could cause by malfunctioning.

The internal BMS monitors and controls all charging and safety aspects of the battery. The BMS will also keep you informed of the state of the battery so you can monitor the batteries health.

When integrated with other SoNick batteries the SoNick BMS synchronises the operation of the battery bank so that all batteries work together as one large battery.

Main functions of the integrated Battery Management System (BMS) for the SoNick battery are:


  • Monitoring the temperature of the battery
  • Charging the battery once it has reached the required operating temperature
  • Regulating the battery charging parameters (voltage and current) in order to obtain the best charging performance from the battery
  • Proving details on state of charge or depth of discharge (DOD), to indicate the charge level of the battery
  • Protecting the battery from overcharging or undercharging
  • Continuously measuring all the battery parameters such as voltages, currents, temperatures, insulation levels providing a continuous monitoring of the operating conditions.
  • The BMS has various communication capability using different communication ports: USB, RS485, optional CAN Bus or Ethernet.
  • The SoNick BMS is equipped with a safety redundant microprocessor (Watchdog) to ensure safe operations of the battery.
  • The SoNick battery BMS also has a continuous memory that cannot be erased that will report on the state of the battery since its manufacture. This can be used to diagnose any errors in the batteries operations remotely.


A BMS will also allow the SoNick battery to talk to external energy management systems like Reposit or Greensync that allow battery owners to sell their power to the grid if required. This decentralised energy market is likely to become an ever increasing usage of home energy storage batteries in the future as the power grid moves to utilise home batteries in stabilising grid supply. As the SoNIck battery has a very fast discharge capability it is a perfect battery for this evolving energy landscape.


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