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A chat with Giovanni Zola, General Manager of FZSonick SA of Stabio: the only company in the world that manufactures and markets accumulators (batteries) with the innovative sodium-chloride technology. The same have various fields of application. Let’s find out which ones.

FZSONICK was born from the historical passion of the Dolcetta family for the world of energy which, since the early 2000s, began to take an interest in green batteries. In 2010, following the agreement signed with the Swiss company Mes-Dea, manufacturer of the same type of batteries known as “Zebra”, the current company was born that markets accumulators with the innovative Nickel Sodium Chloride technology commonly also called “Salt Batteries”. For the moment FZSONICK is the only company in the world to produce batteries with this technology. The company is present in Stabio, Switzerland, with a production plant and a research center; in Italy (in the province of Vicenza), it has a sales office as well as in North America (in Elgin, Illinois) for worldwide distribution. With its product lines, FZSONICK currently serves 3 reference markets:

1) Energy Backup –Solutions in telecommunications (telephone exchanges, repeaters, etc.) and industrial applications to make up for the interruption of electricity and to guarantee the continuous operation of emergency, security and alarm systems.
2) Energy Storage – Solutions for network optimization and energy self-sufficiency thanks to innovative systems and products for energy storage.
3) Sustainable Mobility – Solutions for mobility with particular regard to industrial vehicles, fleets for urban public transport, means for road cleaning and mines.

What are the characteristics of your batteries and, above all, how strong is your company’s commitment to the environment and sustainability in general?
In addition to total recyclability, FZSONICK’s Nickel Sodium Chloride batteries guarantee maximum resistance to temperature changes, a high number of cycles, maximum safety (they do not ignite and do not explode!) And a long life: all characteristics that, as a whole, they allow a significant reduction in energy consumption and management costs. The “salt” batteries have an operating temperature that guarantees performance and duration independent of the ambient temperature. Through the easy availability of raw materials, the high number of cycles, the high energy density and the complete recyclability, FZSONICK occupies a leading position in the challenge of energy sustainability and is committed to being a leader in product innovation and of processes.

Can you give us some details about the project concerning the Greek island of Tilos?
FZSONICK is among the protagonists of the EU project – financed with 12 million euros, started in 2015 and inaugurated in 2017 that on the Greek island of Tilos (in the Dodecanese) has provided electricity to the 500 inhabitants and to the 3 thousand summer vacationers who finally will no longer have to deal with blackouts. In fact, a 160 kWh photovoltaic system and an 800 kWh wind blade connected to the 800 watt and 3 MWh storage system have been installed on the island. The excess energy, produced during the day, is stored in the batteries which thus ensure light at night and even in the event of a blackout. The new Tilos plant saves 70% of the diesel that was previously needed to power the island: this means that in a year, the release of 1,500 tons of nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere is avoided. another 24 tons of sulfur dioxide.

FZSONICK has also been chosen by Enel Green Power as partner for an international project intended to provide electrical self-sufficiency to 150 families residing in a small Chilean village, which is located at 3,600 meters high near the border with Bolivia. This technology has also won over Google, which in 2015 supported the project to put four electric eco-buses on the road, equipped with FZSONICK “salt” batteries, in Mountain View in California. Furthermore, we are collaborating with a French system integrator in the suit of a UN program for the electrification of small villages in Africa with photovoltaics. This is our commitment to the environment!

Is it true that your energy storage tanks do not require maintenance?
Very true! FZSONICK products represent a technological vanguard in the field of electrochemical storage and its integration; allow to supply, manage and store energy without any need for maintenance.

What kind of training do you need to be able to work in your company’s R&D sector?
The four most requested professional profiles to work in our R&D sector have to do with the world of engineering, in particular electronics, electrical, chemical and mechanical engineering. Obviously, the company needs other professional figures for other business sectors

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