Operating Temperatures for Energy Storage Batteries

The SoNick or molten salt batteries have an operating range of -20° to +60°C which makes them a much better alternative to other batteries.TEMP-FOR-Teslar-and-SoNick In Australia, we have extreme weather conditions and even in a garage in suburbia, a common place for housing a battery, the temperature can often exceed 40°C.

The SoNick batteries are the only batteries that will really work in temperatures over 40°C without having any detrimental effect to the batteries longevity. Although other batteries claim to be able to operate at the 40°C mark, they will deteriorate when operating around this temperature and will have a much reduced lifetime.

The wide temperature range of operation makes it a perfect battery for hot remote areas or areas that are bushfire prone. Other batteries stop working at around 40°C whereas the Sodium Nickel Chloride battery continues to work to at least 60°C and doesn’t need cooling. For example the lithium ion batteries that are currently receiving a lot of market attention from Tesla, only have an operating range of around 5 – 35°C, which means they will not operate on many hot days in Australia and even on cooler days if they are not housed in a cool enough environment.

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