MIGROS gets the largest salt battery storage facility in Switzerland

It’s great to see the newest installation of the #SoNick batteries in Switzerland by Innovenergy.

This installation is a 540 kWh salt battery storage system and now stands in the basement of MIGROS Schlieren/ZH. The molten salt batteries are 620V SoNick batteries supplied by FZSoNick and inverters by Indrivetec.

The SoNick batteries are charged with a large 806 KW solar PV system.

The purpose of the large-scale project is to save energy costs by optimising self-consumption. The other benefit is to maximise peak shaving which ensures the supermarket doesn’t have a lot of intermittent high energy draws which would increase energy bills substantially.

Migros is a large supermarket in Switzerland that is structured as a co-operative.

Two of the main requirements for installing the SoNick battery were their ecology and sustainability as these are important features in the overall Migros corporate concept. These were the decisive criteria in utilising the SoNick batteries including the fact that they are 100% recyclable within today’s recycling systems. Also, as SoNick batteries are UL5983 certified to say they can’t catch fore or explode this was a definite safety feature that was taken into account. The SoNick batteries use mainly simple table salt and there is no lithium or other components that cause environmental damage in the cradle to grave lifecycle of the batteries.


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