High Embodied Energy of SoNick battery


John describing some of the features of our Sodium Nickel Chloride battery at a recent display.

This was a local sustainability group that already had a degree of knowledge of alternative energy solutions and the SoNick battery met with a lot of interest.

Amongst other things, people were impressed with the very high embodied energy contained in the small footprint of the battery with 10 Kw in a battery of only 55 cm x 50 cm x 32 cm.

Although this battery id the premium size for the domestic market that wants to become energy independent the sodium nickel technology is also available in smaller capacities and sizes for people that would just like to offset some of their power.

 If you recognise the value in utilising battery storage and would like to understand more about different battery characteristics please visit our website at http://quantum.gridedge.com.au/ or feel free to contact us for more information at admin@grid-edge.com

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