GridEdge and the FZSoNick battery

GridEdge is a company that delivers both off grid and on grid energy supply to all levels of consumer demand. 

GridEdge has the Australian and New Zealand distributor rights to the FZSoNick sodium nickel chloride battery which has superior operating capabilities, compared to any other battery technology, currently available. The SoNick battery operates at a wider range of temperatures compared to other batteries and has the advantage of being a non-toxic, environmentally friendly battery that is much more compact, compared to many other batteries set up currently on the market or proposed in the near future.

The SoNick battery cannot catch fire or explode so cannot go into thermal runaway unlike many other batteries making it a safer battery for your home, business or micro-grid.

The SoNick battery is 100 % recyclable and has an end of life recycling program already in place. These features will give GridEdge a leading edge advantage over the energy storage industry growth that is expected to happen in 2017-2018 and beyond.

To date, there is no other commercially proven, viable alternative to the SoNick battery which has the widest temperature range of operation thus making it a perfect battery for Australian weather conditions, being the only battery that operates, without degradation, in temperatures of -20°C to 60°C.

There is a growing trend of consumers that are conscious of the health and environmental disadvantages of the current Lead acid and Lithium Ion battery technologies and are looking to augment or replace their energy storage with a stable and environmentally superior alternative.

To take advantage of the enormous growing trend of the energy storage industry, GridEdge has formed a consortium of strategic businesses partners, each with their own area of expertise, giving GridEdge the ability to be able to confidently supply a complete turnkey solution knowing it has the backing of these major companies. This puts GridEdge in a strong position to be able to integrate and build energy capture and storage systems for all levels of consumer demand.



If you would like to know more about getting safe, reliable, and recyclable battery storage that will not go into thermal runaway,for your own home, business or micro-grid visit us at

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