Emergency energy storage to Protect Yourself from bushfire power outages

During bushfires power is often lost to many areas and sometimes is not returned for days or weeks at a time. At these times communities often have to rely on generators, especially if, as in the devastating 2019-2020 Australian bushfires roads are cut off to complete communities for extended periods of time.

     Emergency Problems

  • Bushfires and other emergencies cause loss of grid electricity
  • No power for communications
  • No power for medical and other health supplies
  • No power for food storage fresh or frozen
  • No power for pumps for clean water
  • Inability to power petrol pumps for fuel for emergency evacuations

     Solution – Earthworker Emergency container

  • Can supply emergency power
  • Uses safe non-flammable SoNick battery technology
  • Can be setup in short period once on site
  • Can be powered by solar, wind or diesel backup
  • Can be configurable to suit application
  • Can be delivered by plane, helicopter, truck or boat.


Earthworker emergency containers come in 10 or 20 ft containers or trailers and provide a renewable energy solution for emergency power.

The SoNick or molten salt battery is non-flammable and non-explosive as it is made from common salt and has no noxious gasses so doesn’t become a liability if subjected to bushfire conditions. Also, the SoNick battery has operating conditions up to 60 degrees with no effect on the battery so is more likely to keep operating in extreme temperatures. This means the SoNick battery will still operate water pumps and other emergency equipment in extreme temperatures.

With a SoNick or molten salt battery you can guarantee power supply, even if grid power goes down and the switchover is instantaneous so you may not even realise the switch to battery power has occurred.

If you would like to know more about getting safe, reliable and recyclable battery storage for your own community building or business or visit us at http://quantum.GridEdge.com.au or contact us at admin@gridedge.com.au


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