Cheaper battery prices can have unforseen consequences


There are many things to take into account when looking at an energy storage battery for your home or business. These include safety, performance, operating temperature as well as recyclability and environmental impact.

Unfortunately many people only look at the initial purchase cost of batteries and this is what they use to compare different batteries. This doesn’t take into account what a battery may cost them over its lifetime or the cost to the environment of both the battery’s manufacture and end of life disposal. To make a realistic comparison of a battery’s cost you need to consider its full “cradle to grave” impact on all areas, including its safety during operation and its environmental impact.

Something that needs to be taken very seriously by the public regarding the battery storage industry is that the current drive to push the price of energy storage batteries down may have unforseen consequences.

As suppliers are forced to lower prices there is the danger corners will be cut and the safety of batteries may be compromised. This is particularly dangerous with the more volatile battery technologies.

The SoNick (sodium nickel chloride) battery is a premium battery that ticks all the boxes in a “cradle to grave” assessment and is totally safe in operation and 100% recyclable.

Lead acid and lithium ion batteries, in particular have the potential of serious problems if things go wrong. Any battery where you have to keep the surrounding area ventilated to maintain a stable battery temperature or allow for gassing runs the possible risk of explosion.

Although batteries should be protected by a BMS or battery monitoring system to prevent battery accidents, it is better to have a battery that isn’t susceptible to these problems in the first place.

Our Sodium Nickel Chloride, SoNick battery doesn’t have any outgassing issues and has a much wider temperature operating range than most other batteries. Even if something was to happen to the battery and it became damaged it is made of non-flammable salt so won’t explode even if the battery breaks open or is exposed to water.

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