Battery storage uptake by households surges as grid costs soar


Battery storage systems being installed in Australia look set to confirm earlier predictions that battery installations will treble in 2017.

New data from the SunWiz 2017 Mid-Year Battery Report shows more than 7000 battery installations took place across Australia in the first six month of 2017.  By contrast there were 6500 installations recorded for all of 2016. Current projections say Australia is headed for a total of more than 20,000 energy storage battery installations by the end of 2017.

Leading the charge to home batteries is New South Wales, which is home to 21 per cent of installations so far this year. Queensland comes a close second with 18 per cent, followed by Victoria, at 12 per cent.

According to the Sunwiz report, the boom in home battery storage installations – most are being sold in combination with a rooftop solar system, it says, rather than to existing solar households – is being driven mainly by major power price hikes, as homes and small businesses seek to minimise the electricity they import from the grid, by maximising the consumption of their rooftop solar.

There are a variety of reasons that people choose to make use of battery storage. In the domestic market the most common ones are to reduce the price they are paying for ever increasing electricity costs by shifting power from their solar panels collected during the day to when it is needed at night.

This take-up of energy storage will only increase as its usage increases, similar to the take-up of solar panels

When considering adding on battery energy storage to a new or existing system many people are considering if maybe they should wait until the expected drop in battery prices occurs.

However, if you do your figures you will realize that the money you lose by not taking action now may be more than the amount saved by the expected fall in battery prices.

This doesn’t even take into account the damage done to the environment with the continued use of fossil fuels. You must also include in the price, the costs to the environment of waiting and continuing to harm the world we all live in by the continued use of fossil fuels for energy generation.

This is particularly true in Australia where we have one of the highest rates of fossil fuel usage per capita in the world, due to the vested interests in the dirty coal production industry.



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