Battery Drawdown power


Energy storage batteries come in a variety of different sizes and weights and each have different characteristics.  Here is a comparison of the 2 safe, recyclable batteries currently available in Australia, FIAMM sodium nickel chloride (SoNick) or molten salt battery and Aquion salt water battery, with comparisons of size for a similar sized system from some other battery technologies.

Another thing to consider is how much power you can actually draw from the battery at any point in time. Our SoNick battery can draw 150 amps for 4 hours continuously but some other batteries are very limited in the amount of power that can be used, maybe only with enough to boil a kettle and little more.

You need to consider what you want to use your energy storage battery for. If you just want to do a bit of load shifting and don’t require power if the grid goes down then the amount of drawdown power isn’t so critical.

However, if you want to be energy independent and want to have power in times of power outages (as most people do that purchase batteries) then you need a battery that is capable of running your house for a period of time. You need to consider your appliances and what you consider essential and determine what power will be drawn down by all of them. As can be seen in the above image you may need multiples of some battery technologies to accomplish this which may greatly increase the cost of an installation.

The FIAMM SoNick battery and most lead acid batteries have good drawdown capabilities. Redflow’s bromide flow battery may also fulfil your needs however its drawdown power is limited by its charge and if it is not fully charged you can draw less power from it.

When considering drawdown capabilities you also need to consider how long you need your battery to function for. This may be a couple of hours with limited loads but it may also be several days with enough power and drawdown capabilities to run your complete house.
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