Australia’s energy market is changing


Australian States are powering ahead on climate targets despite federal inaction


Australian states and territories are powering ahead, developing policies that will meet the federal government’s internationally agreed greenhouse gas emission targets, with South Australia, the ACT and Tasmania leading the race.

Compared on a series of measures including penetration of renewable energy, the percentage of households with solar, as well as emissions and renewable energy targets, the Northern Territory, Western Australia and New South Wales are at the back of the pack, with Victoria and Queensland in the middle.

in the midst of the ongoing federal policy vacuum, every state and territory besides Western Australia has “gone it alone” and developed strong renewable energy and emissions reduction policies.

The shift to energy storage is now unstoppable.

Australia needs to be looking seriously at energy generation using a combination of  solar pv, wind generation and safe, reliable and recyclable battery storage. Beyond Zero Emissions have proven it can be done on a national basis. However, we need governments to get on board to support community projects that are working to make this happen. The responsibility can’t all be left to grassroots people power.

Governments need to support community groups that are already working to build local renewable energy solutions with renewable energy jobs like Mirboo North Community Energy Hub (MNCEH), @earthworkercoop and @votv who are working hard to bring safe renewable energy to the LatrobeValley.


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