What is your states renewable energy target?

Different Australian states are taking action in different ways to move to a renewable energy future, despite the lack of action being taken at a Federal level.

In Australia, as in other countries where Federal government’s should be taking action to meet their commitments to the Paris agreement and they are not, local governments and grassroots consumers are leading the way.

This is not ideal but is reality.

Let’s all exercise our powering and take action to power the new economy with clean energy

It’s pointless complaining about governments not taking enough action. it’s up to every one of us to take whatever actions we can to make our world a more sustainable one. This may be changing habits, retrofitting an existing house or adding features to a new house that increases its star rating.¬† Something most of us can do is convert our energy usage to green energy, either through adding a solar array or adding storage to our existing array.

Many households and businesses already attach battery storage to their clean energy systems. Now is the time to grow the industry, encourage the take-up of storage and help make Australia a renewable energy leader.

Battery storage will allow consumers to lower costs and use more of their own renewable energy. Battery storage has many other benefits including the enabling off-grid communities and facilities, utility scale storage to assist in grid management and the use of electric vehicles as storage.

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