Off Grid living in the city

For many people who are interested in becoming more energy independent in whatever format, up to becoming
Glen Morris - Off the Grid in the citycompletely independent of the grid there is a steep learning curve to understand the different technologies and their capabilities.
The quality and performance of some products are definitely better than others and it is definitely not the products that come from companies with large advertising budgets that necessarily have the best products.
Have a look at this article that shares the experience of some people that have decided to move off the grid,

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Linda discussing Sodium Nickel battery at Bairnsdale

Linda discussing Sodium Nickel battery at Bairnsdale

Linda describing the high energy density, which is one of the superior features of our Sodium Nickel Chloride battery at a display at the East Gippsland 2016 farm day at the Bairnsdale.

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Take-up of battery energy storage use



There are a variety of reasons that people choose to make use of battery storage.
In the domestic market the most common ones are to reduce the price they are paying for ever increasing electricity costs by shifting power from their solar panels collected during the day to when it is needed at night. This is particularly relevant to people that are on low “feed in tariffs” or higher “feed in tariffs” that are finishing in the near future.
Another reason is for stability of supply as many areas are getting more and more outages as pressure is put on a grid that has been privatized and may not be doing as much maintenance as is required.
Many people recognise that using renewable energy, including storage is not just about an investment and getting a return on moneys invested but it is a matter of reducing the reliance on coal powered electricity generation and protecting the planet we have for our children.


This take-up of energy storage will only increase as its usage increases, similar to the take-up of solar panels.
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